Areas of Practice - Family, Criminal and Employment Law

Family Law

Relationship breakdowns and family disputes can often be traumatic and emotionally exhausting. We can provide you with the legal help and support you need at what may be a very difficult time in your life.

@Cornwall Law LLP has extensive experience in dealing with matrimonial and family matters including the following:

  • Cases involving the Local Authority, including attending Public Law Outline meetings and representing children and parents in cases where the Local Authority seek Care or Supervision Orders

  • Children Act applications for residence, contact, specific issue and prohibited steps orders.

  • Divorce and Civil Partnership Dissolution.

  • Matrimonial property and financial claims.

  • Disputes between cohabitees (non married partners).

  • Injunctions.

Our pricing structure allows for a fixed fee and we will also provide a detailed breakdown of costs. There will be no nasty surprises during this troubled time for you.

If at all possible, we will endeavour to negotiate a settlement of disputed issues with your (former) partner in solicitors' correspondence or, if that is not possible, we will advise you fully on proposed proceedings and the possible outcomes.

A guidance note with respect to our fees in family law cases can be found here.

Employment Law

@Cornwall Law LLP recognise the significant changes made within the field of Employment Law within the last 20 years and as such we understand that this area of law has become a minefield for employers and employees alike.

Paul Simons is an experienced Employment Law practitioner and would be happy to meet with you to discuss matters relating to:-

  • Contracts of Employment & Contractual Disputes within the workplace

  • Unfair Dismissal

  • Employment Tribunal Procedure

  • Discrimination & Whistle-Blowing

  • Salary disputes

A guidance note with respect to our fees in employment law cases can be found here.

Criminal Law

At @Cornwall Law LLP, our Criminal Team recognise just how stressful the prospect of any form of criminal proceedings can be. Whether it is our client’s first experience of this situation or not, our Criminal Law team specialists operate a sensitive and understanding approach to all clients, during what is usually a very distressing and traumatic time for them. We pride ourselves on our ability to take steps to relieve this pressure from the minute our team of highly committed Criminal Law Lawyers become involved.

These experienced Criminal Law Lawyers are equipped to deal with all criminal matters and provide specialist advice, assistance and representation at Police Stations, Magistrates Court and Crown Court proceedings.

@Cornwall Law LLP offer a 24-hour emergency police station service for clients who have been arrested and require immediate telephone advice and/or attendance at a police station for interviews.

Our Police station advice and representation service is completely free of charge.

Our 24-hour emergency number for any police station emergency is  07872 109585

@Cornwall Law LLP has extensive experience in matters including the following:

  • Murder and manslaughter

  • Rape and all sex related offences

  • Robbery

  • Burglary

  • Grievous Bodily Harm and all other assault cases

  • Possession and supply of drugs

  • Public order offences including affray, harassment and all racially aggravated offences

  • Shoplifting and all other theft related offences

  • Criminal damage

  • Road Traffic Offences including careless driving, speeding and taxi touting cases

Our Criminal Law team is always available to see clients at short notice, whether in custody or on bail and they are also able to deal with any appeals against conviction and/or sentence at both the Crown Court and Court of Appeal.

A guidance note with respect to our fees in criminal law cases can be found here.